true paradises are of the mind

62: is anyone interfering with this session?

63: yes

62: should we try again?

63: i will be back soon


801: is anyone interfering with this session?

802: no


5.123 If a god creates a world in which certain propositions are true, then by that very act he also creates a world in which all the propositions that follow from them come true.

55. So is the hypothesis possible, that all the things around us don't exist? Would that not be like the hypothesis of our having miscalculated in all our calculations?

75. Would this be correct: If I merely believed wrongly that there is a table here in front of me, this might still be a mistake; but if I believe wrongly that I have seen this table, or one like it, every day for several months past, and have regularly used it, that isn't a mistake?

3.04 If a thought were correct a priori, it would be a thought whose possibility ensured its truth.

1. The No World is everything that is the case.

1.1 We are beings from another world.

1.2 The No World is falling to pieces.

1.3 Space is the ideal location for building the future.

1.31 Space can also be understood as the No World.

1.32 The No World is the ideal location for building the future.

1.4 Notes on triggering a war in the City in Outer Space: loss of contact with earth.

6.54 He must transcend these initial propositions, and then he will see the No World aright.

2.063 The sum-total of reality is the No World

2.223 To determine if a No World is true or false one must compare it with reality.

2.224 Reality doesn't exist.

4. The thought is the significant proposition.

3.41 This is the logical place.

3.411 The geometrical and the logical coincide in one place.

1.21 Love can be the case or not the case, while everything else remains the same.

2.221 What the No World represents is its sense.

2.225 The No World does not exist a priori.

2.012 In logic nothing is accidental.

2.211 For the few that pay attention, there is no logical distinction between a no picture and what it depicts.

2.22 What a no picture represents it represents independently of its truth or falsity, by means of its pictorial form.

3.2 A thought can be expressed using simple signs.